Crafting Process


A careful hand selection of MASAU fruit begins the process of a hand-crafted MASAU SPIRITS. Every year, every season and every winter is unique and different so shall be the uniqueness of our Spirit. In the African context the circular MASAU brand with chevron patterns on which the MASAU trademark is based symbolizies continuity endlessness of the natural product of Masau fruit that God has given mankind for our enjoyment.

Step 1

A careful hand selection of Masau fruit begins the cyclical process that brings Masau Spirits to the world. Every winter in the Southern Hemisphere the Masau tree bears much fruit for our enjoyment and the Pofera Family begins the crafting process.

Step 2

Fermentation – in a well controlled environment and using well researched Yeast strains and enzymes, the fermentation process begins using locally sourced water.

Step 3

Distillation – using our modern Fractionating Reflux Column Still, the resultant fermentation is then distilled to produce exclusive African spirits.

Step 4

Maceration – the botanicals being used are first hand processed, crushed to expose a larger surface area, allowing the alcohol to extract the flavour from more of the botanical’s cells. Masau Golden Gin is then infused in a Gin Still through vapour infusion of botanicals.

Step 5

Aging – our distilled African spirits are matured in oak barrels for a specified period of time in order to further infuse flavors from distinct characteristics found in the barrel’s wood.

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