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Every winter in the African Southern Hemisphere the Masau tree naturally and faithfully bears much fruit for our pleasure. Carefully chosen and hand picked, the cyclical process that brings MASAU to the world begins.



Is a fruit that looks like a date and is found mainly in the African Southern Hemisphere.

The “bird”

Guinea fowl – is represented by the 750ml masau bottle spirit contents. Thus the term “do not kill the bird” meaning do not over dilute the spirit thus killing it with a spirit cooler.


Is a baby guinea fowl and thus shall apply to our 50ml sample bottles.


The Pofera Family settled in Zimbabwe from Mozambique where they fermented and distilled Masau to make alcoholic spirits used for family functions and traditional ceremonies. Upon moving to Zimbabwe and working in the Mines and Farms the family continued to distill this spirit for the enjoyment of close family and friends.

This family legacy of handcrafting and distillation by the Pofera Family is now in the 3rd generation who have now turned this family pastime into a craft distillery in South Africa. The 4th generation is being trained from grassroots levels of farming Masau fruit trees which will begin to bear fruit in 5 years time when MASAU aims to launch their first Whisky to the World in 2027.

Every winter in the African Southern Hemisphere, the Masau tree naturally and faithfully bears much fruit for our enjoyment. Carefully chosen and hand picked the cyclical process that brings MASAU to the World begins. At Masau Craft Distillery we provide you a unique range of Handcrafted African Spirits of premium quality. Masau Craft Distillery is fully owned by family and very close associates. A Board of Directors is responsible for the operations of the day to day functions of the Business.

The Pofera Family oversees the careful hand selection of MASAU fruit to begin the process of a Handcrafted MASAU SPIRIT. Every year, every season and every winter is unique and different so shall be the uniqueness of our Spirits.


In the African context the circular MASAU brand, circular dots, with chevron patterns on which the MASAU registered trademark is based symbolizes continuity, endlessness of the natural product of Masau fruit that God ( Yahweh / Jehovah ) has given mankind for their enjoyment.

In Africa the circular design is viewed as beautiful as the sun that bears testimony to that the sunrise and sunset are as equally beautiful by virtue of their colour and also shape, as a full circle. To the African artist a circle is a pure form hence Africans did not make artefacts that were rectangular or with right angles - our huts, cattle barns, utensils etc, bear testimony to this. African eyes were trained to appreciate the beauty inherent in objects displaying a circular design - this means from the outset functionality and aesthetics were married.


The helmeted guinea fowl is the best known of the guinea fowl bird family, it is native to Africa mainly south of the Sahara. Hence this guinea fowl being a fitting symbol to be seen feeding on the MASAU fruit which is mainly found along the Zambezi Valley of Southern Africa, with dark grey bodies, white speckles and by their featherless helmet-like head which is blue and red in colour. The colours of a guinea fowl, native africans, the rising and setting sun, the masau tree and fruit mainly influenced the final colours chosen for the MASAU bottles.

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